Manufacturing Productivity

consists of many moving parts: to eliminate waste, to improve facilities, labor, equipment,
production and utilization; to improve methods; to quantify and balance
workloads; to manage constraints, space utilization and product flow.

In your problem manufacturing operations, what actually happens? JPR is experienced at
independent workplace analysis. We provide hands-on attention to observe, time,
measure, compare actual to expectations; then to suggest improvements.     

Your own specific opportunities, problems, priorities and budget will suggest a desirable
focus of attention and timing.

Jackson Productivity Research offers several targeted approaches, listed in the menu
above. Call on us to assist to find manufacturing-related shortcomings, and to suggest

The analysis and focus of our study can be narrow or larger, to achieve cost-effective expectations.


A review of coaching definitions on the web shows that coaching is routine part of JPR practice. The best business coaches combine real-world business experience with active listening and the ability to ask powerful questions. What’s more, a knowledgeable business coach can be a catalyst for creating and achieving action plans.

Coaching in business is a process in which a professional guides a businessperson in the pursuit of work goals.
A coach might help the client create business strategies, or improve their mindset. It all depends on what the person hiring the coach wants out of the relationship.
“Mindset” is an interesting concept and experience says the word is right on. Without adequate knowledge of a subject and the options, it is hard to figger out what to do, isn’t it. Went through that just last Tuesday, the client now has a couple good looking alternatives for his work measurement issues. The JPR approach is

To listen.
To ask questions
To assist to create action plans,
To contribute or guide to achieve the action plan goals.

JPR doesn’t charge for discussions or coaching in early, the “listen” and “ask questions” stages. As we explore your situation and we agree that JPR can add value, you may choose to request a service. So contact me to discuss, confidentially of course. 843-422-1298 or

Choose a topic based on your own objectives. 

Work Measurement
Work study activity throughout the organization, to eliminate waste; to determine just how long the job takes, for costing. to set output and performance expectations and schedules. The first step to improve an operation is to observe exactly what happens. Is that what you expected? What you want? If so, how long does it take?  

Capacity and Constraints
Quantify and balance workloads (low, heavy, uneven); to identify and manage constraints, to improve methods. After you improve bottleneck one, there will be others. Prioritize and  resolve.

Plant Layout
to enhance space utilization, product flow, growth, building capacity. To relieve a jam-packed plant. As with other actions, address the objectives to achieve the biggest bang for your buck, 

Reshore, Onshore, Rightshore, De-link

is a growing, current trend, to overcome the recent supply chain issues. An interesting fact is that your own people can  already perform many of the useful solutions, such as finding new vendors. Click the menu page for your own operation manual and how-to guide. 

Cost Reduction
can be formal or ad-hoc, targeted or routine. From boardroom to the factory floor, there are a multitude of ideas.

Books on Manufacturing Productivity  The site host declines to put this into the menu;  five active Amazon books are at

Where can productivity principles apply? For instance,

Whether your process is old or new, manufacturing or support, manual or labor intensive, made for stock or to order; productivity is important. The same guidelines apply, with different details.

 JPR is physically located in the Intermountain-West; we have consulted in some 26 states and internationally.

To be honest, these productivity techniques aren’t rocket science. And definitely, one size does not fit all. JPR can help you to identify and quantify your opportunities, and to implement improvement rapidly according to your individual circumstances. You and JPR would first select a focus, to get the largest return most effectively, then achieve the desired result.

JPR can lead, participate, or train, especially if your resources are overburdened or inexperienced. The benefits will be quickly evident on the P&L and in your output.

Call please, at no obligation, to discuss a next step. Email, or call 843-422-1298.

JPR offers guidance on productivity topics, free work measurement forms, and examples of productive plant layouts, at

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