About us? Manufacturing productivity is about you, and your current needs.

You choose the focus of improvement, JPR helps accomplish that.
In 2022, supply chain problems seemed beyond our control. Learn from that situation, proactively remedy the factors that caused the major damage.

This is a complex world, act in your best interests.

Reduce waste, perform work study, quantify and level workloads, layout a building; improve capacity, utilize equipment, manage constraints, transfer technology, develop productive methods. Reduce cycle and production time, improve space utilization, slice non-value-added tasks, Please don’t overlook indirect cost, and focus on just a minor part of your cost, direct labor, while you set an agenda for action.

Now, let’s get technical.

Productivity is defined as Output divided by Input.

 Improve productivity then, in multiple ways:
Increase Output
or Decrease Input.
Both is better.

Chances are you already know where your problems, and opportunities, are.

Better than we will. With your outline and priority, JPR can help to zero in on, address, quantify, and improve the areas you select, through traditional and innovative productivity actions.

We work closely with clients to ensure that all of their unique needs are met. We’ll help to eliminate waste, quantify basic production rates and sequences; for use in objective staffing, scheduling, and costing.
We can lead, participate, or train as you see fit.

When you seek a new plant layout, or another facility in addition to or instead of, we can assist you in these areas.
Should you reshore, or bring back products or components from overseas? A very good link is https://reshorenow.org. A specialized JPR guidance is found at https://www.jacksonproductivity.com/reshore-onshore-rightshore.
While reshoring can be difficult, at the same time many of the specific actions are well known to your people; finding a new vendor for instance. 

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Jack Greene has headed division or corporate industrial engineering for three Fortune 250 companies; ITT Latin America, Abbott Laboratories, and Ray-Ban when it was a division of Bausch + Lomb. He has authored nine Amazon books and written dozens of articles relating to productivity. He has practiced manufacturing productivity in 24 states and internationally. As an Operations Manager, in the pharmaceutical industry, he successfully practiced what he preached.

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