Frederick Taylor in 1911 published Principles of Scientific Management. Frank and Lillian Gilbreath wrote countless books and articles, Frank starting in the 19 teens and Lillian continuing into the mid century.

My additions to the literature cover these major subjects, which give attention not only to “what” but also to “why”, and “how”. With this guidance, you will be able to create and administer these activities in modern manufacturing, warehousing and construction settings. The books are listed below; all are on the Amazon link. Click on the cover to order.

Amazon as you may know never takes a book off their list, although 3 of mine have been superceded. The five listed below are current. The titles on Time Study, Cost Reduction and Layout and Facility Planning are included in the Industrial Engineering volume. Construction Piece Rates was written later.

Plant Layout and Facility Planning: Edition Two   ISBN-13 978-1491222393

     Time and Motion Study   ISBN-13 : 978-1492221425

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